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Terzarima Traduzioni was brought to life by Arianna and Valeria.

Professionalism, accuracy and punctuality are the underlying principles that reflect our values. 

Andrea, Arianna and Valeria all trained in different occupational contexts and have worked individually since the 1990s. In 2014 they founded Terzarima Traduzioni with the goal of offering their clients an even more attentive and complete service based on the combination of their multitude of expertise.

Terzarima Traduzioni is rooted in its capacity to listen and understand its clients’ needs, building strong and trusting relationships and long lasting collaborations through great commitment and attention.

One of our strengths is our ability to be agile and flexible: if your project requires a more versatile team we can arrange it, thanks to our collaboration with our native-speaker Italian colleagues, with whom we have built relationships based on mutual trust over time.

Our unique wealth of experience, reliability and creativity stemming from years of work and enthusiasm for new projects is what makes us your perfect partner.

Arianna Farabollini

Arianna Farabollini was born in Rome, where she currently lives and works. In 2003 she graduated in Oriental Studies with her thesis on ‘Translation in China: historic development and theory’. She may not be aware but her thesis title encompasses both past and future. She spent the following three years travelling the globe without setting foot back in China, however her future lay precisely in the word ‘translation’. Among her many experiences abroad, the most significant and formative was in Buenos Aires. In 2006 she returned to Rome and began working as a dialogue translator for lip synchronisation. Since 2014 she has been working as a dialogue editor and subtitlist.

Valeria Cervetti

Valeria Cervetti was born in Livorno and moved to the capital when she was almost a teenager. She hoped to become a classical philologist and spend her days working with ancient Greek and Latin texts but fate had other ideas; she would still be working with words and texts but alongside images and sound. Since 1999 she has worked as a translator, dialogue editor and subtitlist. Her working languages are English, French and Romanian (as well as Latin and Ancient Greek of course). She also takes on the pre-production and production of documentaries for television and cinematographic societies. In her free time she takes care of her garden, her chilly pepper plants, her husband and a colony of feline housemates. She is a member of Aidac, Esist, Subtle and Acta.

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Valeria Cervetti - tel. +39 347 8610257
Arianna Farabollini - tel. +39 333 5872523

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